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Shocking Details of Perks & Privileges That Army Officers Enjoy



Investigations into the legal and illegal assets, corruption and black money of politicians in Pakistan have been going on in every era. But this is the first time in recent times that the assets of a sitting judge and then a retired army officer have been the subject of much debate.

According to a report published on the BBC’s website, the news of the assets of former DG ISPR Lieutenant General (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa has surfaced on social media. After which a debate has erupted in the country over the benefits available to army officers and their assets. The impression is that military officers are given huge benefits during their service and after retirement they get, plots, houses, residential and agricultural areas.

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However, the issue of privileges for military officers in Pakistan has been the subject of controversy. The first increase was decided during the tenure of General Zia-ul-Haq and since then the concessions have been increasing regularly. Under General Musharraf, controversy erupted again over the policy, which General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani tried to improve, but under General Kayani, there was considerable controversy over the DHA and the matter reached the courts.

In fact, the privileges of army officers depend on their service. The more time an officer spends in the army, the more his privileges increase accordingly. On the first day of his service, a military officer is given a form to be part of the military housing scheme. If the military officer adopts this facility, he is made a part of the housing scheme after one lakh down payment, the rest of which is deducted from his salary.

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As soon as the officer’s service reaches 15 years, the officer’s promotion journey takes him to the rank of Major, from here begins the chain of his privileges and he becomes the owner of a plot in the military housing scheme. After 25 years of service, his rank has risen to that of Colonel or Brigadier, and then this military officer, along with other privileges, becomes the owner of two residential and one commercial plot.

In the meantime, if a military officer does an officer special course, his privileges become two commercial plots and one residential plot. If the military officer then progresses to become a major general, he is entitled to another additional plot, and the one who reaches the rank of lieutenant general is allotted four residential and commercial plots in different cities.

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The journey of concessions going on with the journey of progress, the military officer is promoted to the rank of Four-Star General after Lieutenant General. If this officer retires to the same post, he is officially given all the plots as well as three private employees who live with him all his life. If Lieutenant General is holding the post of Corps Commander, he is allotted a plot in the new sector of DHA.

After that, if military officers reach the rank of general, they will be entitled to more than one billion rupees’ benefits when they retire. They also get houses and bungalows, according to their rank, in Askari Housing Societies.

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After retiring from the posts of Colonel to Lieutenant General, they are also entitled to agricultural land in accordance with their positions and services, which is called borderland, which is provided to the officer on a 99-year lease. It is about two squares (50 acres).

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