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Democracy: A system of Oppression & Deprivation



The biggest betrayal that occurred in this century by the west to the world is called democracy. In the history of the world, great deceivers have come and deceived naive human beings, but the greatest deception given to the people in human history is democracy.

However, in developed countries, where people are aware, they are beginning to understand this deception and it getting difficult for the elites to hunt them down. But unfortunately, in backward countries, these ‘frauds’ are openly fooling the people and exploiting them politically and economically, and no one is there to stop them.

Democracy is called the government of the majority. There are 65 million workers in our country. Farmers make up 60% of the rural population. The number of ordinary poor is more than the number of working peasants. In short, more than 80% of our total population is poor. Is there any representation of more than 80% of the people in our democracy?

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This is a question on which these so-called and elite sympathizers should consider with a cold heart whether the people have a part in the democracy they rely on. The people are being deceived so much in broad daylight and our intellectuals, thinkers, journalists are sitting with their mouths and eyes closed.

The situation today is that the minor lockdown caused by Corona has affected millions of daily wage earners. The government saved every working family from starvation by giving them 12,000 rupees in cash, otherwise, this capitalist democracy would have starved so many people.

The definition of democracy usually dries up the tongues of those who are getting benefits from it. If the supporters of democracy want to see the real face of democracy, then go to the suburbs of the poor like Malir, Landhi, Korangi, Liaquatabad, New Karachi, etc.

Those who recite hymns of democracy with all their might in the big and beautiful halls will bow their necks in shame if they go to the slums of the poor, the needy, the laborers, the peasants. How sad it is that in this class democracy where millions of people are starving, living in slums, there are separate posh areas where the aristocracy lives.

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The fraud of democracy in the world has been going on for centuries. The only change that has taken place since independence is that the British have been replaced by indigenous frauds. This change of democracy is nothing but a fraudulent system for elites to acquire power and resources of the country. Can our democratic intellectuals, who have been advocating for democracy, tell us how the lives of the common poor have improved in 72 years? The clothes that the poor used to wear are being worn today. The dried food that the poor used to eat is being eaten today. What has democracy given to the poor? Does any democratic intellectual have an answer to this? Democratic Frauds and corruption are the gifts of Western democracy.

Champions of this fraud system explain the greatest blessing of democracy is freedom of speech, the right to live, etc. There are 220 million people in our country. How can they benefit from these principles bestowed by our democracy? Right now there is a feudal system in two provinces of our country. Can our democratic intellectuals tell us about the benefits that this democracy has given to the slaves working under the feudal system? This criticism is not anti-democracy but people-friendly. If democracy is from the people, has there been any significant change in the lives of the people?

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The greatest injustice this system has done to the children of the poor is the deprivation of education. Education is a stepping stone to the development of every country and nation. Seventy percent of the children of the poor have been deprived of education because their parents belong to the poor. These families do not survive on the earnings of the parents, so this ugly system set up a cruel system of child labor to seduce innocent children. This system forces the poor parents to send their young children to work in order to survive from starvation. In this way, the hard-earned money of the children becomes a cure for the hunger of the family. The question arises as to why only poor children do child labor. Why don’t they go to school?

The answer is that the father’s earnings alone cannot support the family due to the high cost of living. On the contrary, the children of the rich have every facility from education to living. This is the ‘democracy’ in which the children of the poor do child labor and work day and night to support their poor families.

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Where are the supporters of this fraudulent system, who seem to be celebrating freedom of speech, can they answer on the child labor given by this democracy? If we do a little more research, we will find that the abominable practice of child labor is growing in the homes of the elite who sing the praises of democracy. Now, this fraudulent democracy must end and people’s democracy must begin.

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Huge Blast In Beirut Killed 10 People and Injured Hundreds [Watch Live Video] (Updates)



UPDATE (Wednesday): 

A bomb blast near the Lebanese capital, Beirut, has killed at least 78 people and injured more than 4,000. The Red Cross fears the death toll could rise sharply.

According to the international news agency, Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan said that a great tragedy has taken place in Beirut. The death toll could rise many times over. At present, all the hospitals in the city are full of injured.

According to the local news agency, the blast took place in a warehouse where the confiscated explosives were kept. Lebanon’s interior minister says a preliminary investigation has revealed that the warehouse contained sodium nitrate seized from a ship a year ago and was to be disposed of. The blast was heard several kilometers away, and buildings shook in the distance.


A blast near the Lebanese capital, Beirut, has killed at least 10 people and injured hundreds, while hundreds of buildings and vehicles have been destroyed.

According to the International News Agency, a horrific explosion took place in the port area of ​​Beirut around 6 pm local time on Tuesday, as a result of which the surrounding areas shook and buildings and vehicles in different parts of the city were destroyed. According to the British News Agency, the destroyed buildings include the house of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

According to the local news agency, the blast was caused by a fire in the warehouse of firecrackers, however, this claim has been denied at the official level. The blast was heard several kilometers away, and buildings shook in the distance. However, no details have been released about the cause and severity of the blast at the official level.

Earlier, Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan confirmed that hundreds of people had been injured in the blast. In addition, photos and videos taken from nearby buildings at the site of the blast show the devastation caused by the magnitude of the blast and the smoke billowing into the surroundings.

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TikTok has been Given a Deadline to Reach an Agreement



The importance of TikTok is growing worldwide, which is why the American IT company Microsoft is also preparing for an agreement with Tiktok management. But US President Donald Trump has announced on July 31 that the Chinese mobile app Tiktok will be shut down in the country. They have announced a ban on the app under an executive order within a week.

After which IT company Microsoft gave Tiktok management 45 days to negotiate the agreement. Prior to the deal, Microsoft had hinted that it wanted to buy the Tiktok app in the United States.

The US security agency suspects that China is spying on people with this app and get access to users’ data after they install it on mobile phones, which is a threat to national security.

TikTok’s proprietary company, ByteDance, has said it does not share US consumer data with the Chinese government, but that the data is stored in the United States and Singapore.

Microsoft says it believes in looking closely at national security issues and protecting US economic interests in the process of buying Tiktok.

ByteDance said in a statement that the company is exploring all possibilities to continue streaming in the United States. In a memo, the company’s chief executive officer in Beijing, Zhang Yiming, said his team is working 24 hours a day to make the best results possible.

In the memo, Zhang said the current geopolitics and public opinion climate is becoming more complex. We have always fully protected our customers’ data.

On the other hand, US officials say that such assurances are meaningless because companies in China have no choice but to obey the Communist Party of China.

Tiktok is used all over the world, including the United States, which has been downloaded by 2 billion people, according to the statistics released so far, of which it has been downloaded more than 160 million times in the United States.

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CPEC & Chabahar Paving the Way for China’s Supremacy in the Region



The Cold War between the United States and China is still going on and it will go on for a long time until one wins. This war is to gain a hegemonic role in the region as well as in economic superiority. China is rapidly becoming an economic challenge to the United States, and its extraordinary growth has forced the United States to impose economic sanctions on China.

This annoyance of the United States is also an announcement of its undeclared defeat. In such a situation, it was inevitable for China to retaliate, which it did. The US president then made derogatory remarks against China itself. In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a “shut-up call” to the United States. The United States has banned Chinese technology company Huawei. It made it almost impossible for China to access 5G technology, but the frustration of the US increased when China made it clear to them that it had completed work on 5G technology with its own resources, and the shock of the ban on Huawei could easily be endured. Huawei has also begun to gain a foothold in Asian markets outside of US markets by improving its technology, while a report suggests that Huawei could also benefit from European markets.

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According to US experts, Trump’s poor policies have widened the gap between China and the United States, which does not appear to be closing in the near future. According to them, the United States should have given China a tough time, to improve its trade, to go to more markets, to improve the situation in Africa, and convert it into a market as well. But imposing sanctions in this way will send a message to the world about the weakness of the United States system.

A large segment of the world still believes that the Coronavirus is a product of the US-China war, which is taking its toll on the world. It can be true but what is reality? Its secret will be revealed only after many years. At the moment, the situation is such that China has become a challenge for the United States in the region. The US thought that if it supports India both economically and militarily, it would give China a tough time. But here American research and calculations proved wrong. India could not give China a tough time in any field despite the support of the United States, on the contrary, it began to be alone in the region. A recent example of this is the major developments in Iran, where Iran has sidelined India and started making trade agreements with China.

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According to a recent agreement, China will invest $400 billion in Iran over the next 25 years. Estimate how big this amount is when in 2018, our government needed only $6 billion to avoid default and run the country. The volume of CPEC of Pakistan and China is currently about $65 billion. Chabahar is almost 80 km from Gwadar. It is also a deep water port. Shortly after Pakistan and China launched CPEC, India announced work with Iran on the Chabahar port. India’s real intention was to sit here and promote proxy war in Pakistan and destabilize Pakistan. An example of this is the arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav and his revelations.

Iran was also in the anti-Pakistan camp because of India and its territory was also used against Pakistan. India’s sole purpose in this whole scenario was to use Chabahar to harm Pakistan and CPEC. While this situation was unacceptable for Pakistan, it was also unacceptable for China and that is why after a few years of hard work and backdoor diplomacy, Iran has now shaken hands with China and on the other hand, it has sidelined India from Chabahar projects.

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According to Iran, India’s plan was to increase tensions for Pakistan from Chabahar. India was only talking verbally while Iran was spending money. Investment is a difficult task for Iran, which is mired in global sanctions. Therefore, keeping in view the situation, Iran has sidelined India and preferred friendship with China. Due to this situation, the Modi government in India is also being severely criticized that India has spoiled relations with its neighbors at the behest of America, while America has a history of not being anyone’s friend and it uses countries for its own purposes regardless of color, race, religion.

Recently, Iran’s ambassador to Pakistan has sharply criticized India without naming it. He said that when a country is reluctant to maintain relations with Iran and needs the permission of other countries for its normal relations, it is clear that it is not capable of long-term planning and implementation. He made the statement in view of the lack of seriousness of India’s Chahbahar to Zahedan rail project, in which India has been making statements, but in practice, it has done nothing.

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It is also clear that a new alliance is being formed in the region comprising China, Turkey, and Russia, which will include key countries in the region, including Malaysia. Pakistan is naturally present in this alliance because of Turkey and China and now Iran’s participation will further strengthen this alliance. However, due to US conspiracies, relations between Pakistan and Iran have not been good for a long time. Pakistan and Iran have been in separate camps since the Soviet war. Pakistan’s relations with Arab countries have also played a role in spoiling relations with its neighbors and on the other hand, the proxy war has left no stone unturned. The two countries have a long history of suffering, but now that China is investing heavily in Pakistan and Iran, so it is time for the two countries to mend their diplomatic and trade ties.

On the one hand, Pakistan can benefit from Chabahar, while Iran can also benefit from Gwadar and CPEC. India’s influence is also disappearing from Iran, so now Pakistan will also deal with Iran in different ways. As far as Saudi-Iranian relations are concerned, this ideological Cold War began after the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and will probably continue in the future. Therefore, the two countries must accept each other, respect each other’s religious views and, most importantly, get out of the abyss.

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China is a strategic partner for Pakistan but on the other hand, it needs to be made with the United States as well. Iran is Pakistan’s neighbor and on the other hand, Pakistan has to maintain relations with Saudi Arabia. It is a double-edged sword in diplomacy that is extremely difficult to wield. But if Pakistan learns to wield this sword successfully and if we learn to balance relations, it will be a great achievement not only for Pakistan but for the region.

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