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Decline of American Imperialism and Rise of A New World Order



Donald Trump blamed the World Health Organization (WHO) for incompetence, as he said that the US will decide whether to continue paying its contributions to such organizations or not. It is not the first time that Donald Trump criticized an international institution. Scholars argue that Trump is a capitalist with a fascist dictatorial mind-set. He criticizes international organizations because a big amount, to maintain the expenses of those institutions, is being paid by the USA. He also raised fingers on the importance of UNO. The USA is contributing almost 17% of the UNO budget. If U.S.A cuts its funding, it may be the end of UNO. Trump has taken a lot of unique initiatives, under the umbrella of its policy “America First”, which has changed the perception about America worldwide and it also paved the way for China’s rise as a new superpower.

Few initiatives were taken by Trump’s administration which has resulted in the downfall of the current world order, which we will discuss in the next few paragraphs.

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change is the biggest example of its capitalist mind-set. That agreement demanded the funds of $3.1billion from the U.S.A. According to trump’s view, this agreement will put the USA at a permanent disadvantage. Trump’s policy is to enhance the industry and provide jobs to American people. His priority is to eliminate all the hurdles to industrialization, and the Paris agreement was the biggest obstacle.

Trump’s policy includes the withdrawal of American troops from foreign lands because he doesn’t believe in waging wars. His focus is to make America great by boosting industries and providing jobs. Many scholars argue that the reason behind this decision was to counter China’s rise economically. They further state that this will turn the image of America into a soft superpower and will result in the loss of its credibility.

He has also reduced the number of army personnel in Syria and Iraq which is seen by many analysts as the biggest blunder that will backfire. Middle east is significant for the survival of American imperialism in Asia, but the withdrawal from these states will pave the way for other regional powers to fill the gap. By this decision, America will lose its influence in the Asian region.

For many decades, the security of South Korea and Japan has been dependant on American support. Both countries are the biggest allies of the US and also partners in many sectors. Now, the Trump administration has decided that both countries should develop their military capabilities or provide a big amount of money for American military support.

Trump has always been a critic of international institutions and societies. He congratulated Boris Johnson on its achievement of Brexit. This indicates that the US is no longer an advocate of unity and institutionalism.

Further, Trump has also threatened to block fundings to NATO, which is an important military institution for the stability of the EU, and if America did so, it will be the end of the US-EU relationship.

The USA was considered as a pioneer of capitalism through which they dominated the world economy. They propagated the idea of liberalism and capitalism throughout the world. But the recent trade war with China has shown the true face of American imperialism as the latter has turned away from the same capitalist ideologies which they have advocated all over the world.

Trump administration has stopped the military and economic aid to Ukraine for defense against Russia. Trump is less interested in world issues and more focused on reviving the economic power of America. To do so, Trump is diverting from its long-lasting allies, in terms of military and financial aid, which have been seen by many scholars as to the beginning of the downfall of America.

America was once considered a land of opportunity, and people came here for a better future, and it was the American ideology of the unrestricted flow of people and capital due to globalization and capitalism. But, now, Trump’s anti-immigration policy has shown the world that America is no longer abiding by its own created doctrine of liberalism.

These few initiatives show that the U.S.A, under the Trump administration, does not intend to stay longer in Asia to provide the roof of security or combat with terrorist activities in middle eastern countries, instead, they are more focused on internal development. Trump’s policy is just like the isolation policy that we have seen before the entrance of the USA in WW-II. Trump’s vision is to limit the intrusion into the world’s politics.

On the other side, China is ready to deliver its services. Its Belt initiative road is a game-changer that will complete in 2030. It soared many countries into its economic web of BRI. It is the vision of Xi Jinping, who is considered as the most influential leader of China, that will re-shape the entire region. He has resolved conflicts with many countries and included them in their BRI project. Although, the relations of India and Japan are not great with China due to several reasons, however, China has adopted policies that haven’t affected their trade. Even it has maintained its ties with the Philippines and South Korea. China has adopted the policy of co-operation with its neighbors. Alongside economic growth, China has also established military bases across the region to balance the influence of America in Asia and protect its trade routes. China has established “String of pearls” from the South China Sea to the European continent. China also started providing financial assistance to various countries that were once considered allies of the USA.

After the end of Convid-19, the world is gonna witness the rise of a new ‘World Order’ led by Asian powers.

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