تاریخMay 26, 2020

Danyal Zafar released his song ‘Udh Chaliye’ in JUST ONE DAY & its TRENDING on Youtube Music.

Story behind the Song:

Danyal Zafar Posted a video on his Instagram saying that he literally heard a melody in his dream, so as soon as he asked his  followers to help him Make a song from scratch in ONE DAY. He asked his followers to comment some good lines for his new song  preferably in Punjabi. He also asked for ideas for what can HE SHOOT (Selfie Mode) in a locked room & for ARTWORK (Original Work) for the song release on Spotify & Apple Music.


Execution & Release:

His loving fans flooded with ideas and different selfie mode creative videos for his new song, which he compiled and Released the song ‘ Udh Chaliye’ in just one day guys!! The song went trending on Youtube Music

Listen here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHcOybt5pTA

Danyal gets overwhelmed:

Danyal writes: Quarantine day 8 – this has never happened before. I’ve never conceived an idea, and executed it WITH a music video in just ONE day.
I honestly don’t know how it happened. All I know is I just kept doing whatever I felt like. Sometimes that’s all you gotta do. But how this has turned out to be such a beautiful experience is because for the first time I involved all of you FULLY and shared the entire process with you guys. We worked on it together. From the idea, to lyrics, to the beat, to this video. Man. I did not do this by myself. WE did it. Together.
So much love. Thousands of messages. Hundreds of videos. It doesn’t seem like this all happened in just a day, it feels like I’ve been in this with you guys since a long time. That’s how much I was in the moment. That’s how slow time was going.

The artwork that got selected by Mariam Idris:

With the release of Danyal’s song we got to see the amazing artwork by our youth, This artwork is by Mariam Idris, and perfectly flows with the song and soothes one’s soul. She’s a brilliant Illustrator and we’re hoping to see more of her work on Danyal’s upcoming song releases.


Checkout her work here: https://www.instagram.com/mariamabal.i/



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