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What are the Current Economic Indicators & Progress of Pakistan?



Senior journalist and anchorperson Kamran Khan said in his program that due to the efforts of the present government, the country’s economy has improved a lot. He said that the construction package given by the government has improved 40 sectors related to the construction sector.

Kamran Khan said that normalization of business life in 40 sectors related to construction has improved the stock exchange, and the stock market as a whole has improved by 15%, and the stock index has seen an increase of 5000 points.

July saw a record drop in the number of corona cases due to government efforts. Because before July the infection rate was 20% which has now come down to 5%. As a result, the stock market downturn is even better now.

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The Finance Ministry’s Economic Update and Economic Outlook forecast a very positive trend in the growth rate in the new financial year, indicating a resumption of economic activity due to government measures in the Corona environment.

With low-interest rates and amnesty, the construction package has become a dream come true. This package is creating employment opportunities for workers. The progress of 40 industries, including cement and steel, is rapidly boosting in the construction sector.

The evidence is that 19 percent increase in cement sales last month, while commercial plots in Islamabad were sold for up to Rs 1.5 million per yard. Along with this, property prices in Karachi and Lahore also increased by 15%.

With interest rates falling from 13.25 percent to 7 percent, the era of term deposits in banks has come to an end and business costs have come down sharply. It also has the advantage that the stock market index has risen from 33,700 to 38,700 in one month.

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On March 27, the price of the index had dropped to 27,000. Now, according to the finance ministry, large-scale manufacturing and capital growth have led to an increase in growth rates.

During the Corona epidemic, the monthly growth rate was less than one percent, which has now reached 4.9 percent. According to the Ministry of Finance, monthly exports will increase from $2 billion to $2.1 billion this fiscal year. That will go up to $3.5 billion a month by the end of this fiscal year.

According to the Consumer Price Index, inflation was 8.2% in June, which has risen to 8.6% even after the rise in prices of petroleum products.

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