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CSS Special Exam is a Myth

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It’s not a wonder that we establish military courts when the regular judiciary cannot deliver. We establish new forms of Police Forces because the regular one cannot deliver. We tend to take a special CSS exam because the vacancies cannot be fulfilled by the regular recruitment procedures. We never try to find where the actual problem lies, thus solving it becomes a long shot.

As far as CSS Special Exam is concerned, there are two things to be asked :

(1) Why the seats remain vacant in the first place?

(2) Does the Prime Minister have any authority to conduct special exams?

Well, the seats remain vacant because the Establishment division allocates people on the basis of the quota system. The quota is not a bad system in itself and it is followed in many developed countries, but it becomes disastrous in our country because the quota is allocated solely on the basis of “Place of Birth”. Article 27 of the constitution says that there should not be any discrimination on the basis of “Place of Birth”. However as “place of birth” remains the base of allocating quota, we can never adopt meritocracy.

The Quota System of Pakistan also hits Punjab pretty badly. If you look at the statistics, you will say that Punjab is getting 50% seats, how there can be any discrimination? But when you will look at the “Qualified candidates VS Vacancies” ratio, you will find out that only Punjab faces the competition.

In Punjab, candidates compete for Vacancies, whereas in other provinces, vacancies compete for candidates.

As far as the other question is concerned, Article 240 of the constitution says that the only parliament has the jurisdiction to decide matters regarding the issues of Federal Government services. The Constitution does not allow the Prime Minister to announce such exams.

Let us wait and watch, as I believe that justice will prevail and the supremacy of the constitution will be upheld.


  1. Jamsher Hasrat

    Place of birth rules is very good and appropriateed what do you mean you want to take the seats of other province no never

  2. Anonymous

    yes v need to mend the system which unfairly favours to some and deprive many.

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