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COVID-19 & its Effects on the ‘Balance of Power’



In January and February of this year, there was great rejoicing in US foreign policy circles that the Chinese Communist Party would now fall apart, as controlling the Coronavirus epidemic would not be enough for China. And it will lead to such an economic decline that it will not be possible for the Communist Party to sustain it. But as China took a step towards recovery and the Coronavirus turned to the West, it turned into unwise joy and enthusiasm into irrational despair.

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Commentators began to express anger and regret that China’s control of the coronavirus would prove its political and geographical superiority, leaving the West and the United States far behind. The problem was that China had raised concerns about the coronavirus being a US product. Along with this, the steps were taken by China to prevent Corona, and above all, China also launched a program called Corona Relief globally. Chinese intellectuals and commentators also began to call it a victory for China. They saw it as a victory for the Chinese communist system and expressed happiness that the Americans were terrified of the epidemic. The victory in the People’s War against Corona was attributed to China. Despite all the efforts of ideological fighters, the painful truth is that both China and the United States will be weakened by the deadly effects of this epidemic.

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Neither the Chinese Empire nor the American Empire will emerge from the ruins of the Corona-stricken countries, but both states will be weakened internally and externally. And there are fears that the result could be international anarchy.

In the time to come, three factors will be the benchmark for global change. First, what will be the change in the economic and military power of the great powers after this epidemic? The second thing that will be even more important is how the world will view these economic and military changes. And third, what strategy do the great powers adopt? Based on these three factors, the United States and China will certainly be concerned about their global impact on how to sustain and increase them.

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The Americans are trying to move forward with the fact that China has not properly informed the world or its people about the coronavirus. In this way, the Americans are conspiring to make people believe that it is China that has infected its people with this epidemic and that the epidemic is spreading all over the world because of them. That is why there are cracks in the Communist Party inside China. The Americans are happy with this and are telling the rest of the world that Chinese leader Xi is losing his grip. Contrary to popular expectations, the Chinese economy has been hit hard. The West believes that China will have a hard time coping with this economic shock and that it’s domestic production will not increase.

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As far as American power is concerned, the mismanagement of President Trump’s administration has made it clear to the world that it is a power that cannot deal with its own crisis but will deal with the crisis of others. The United States is becoming somewhat divided internally, and after this epidemic, it will become even weaker.

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