COVID-19. updates about affected International Airlines flights routes to Pakistan



We still have no reliable news about the current status of International Airlines flying to Pakistan. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority PCAA shared the news regarding, all International passengers and other Charted or Private Aircrafts suspension is extended till 11th of April 2020. However, Pakistan International Airline PIA is flying passengers back to Pakistan on their special flights.


Etihad and Emirates

It is expected that at-least one flight from (Dubai and Doha, UAE) will be flying out every day from 15th of April onwards to Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. However, they are not booking the flights tickets at this stage.

Qatar Airways

Currently, Qatar Airways are operating limited fights and their Airports are open for transits however, no visas are offered to any travellers. For instance, Qatar Airways flight QR632 20:15 Doha to 01:45 Islamabad is operating every day from 11th of April, the flight status of 11th April onward flights are showing “on-time” at Qatar Airways official website page. If you want to fly back to Pakistan then you can even book your tickets right now from their official website page.

Pakistan International Airline (PIA)

You can book flights to fly back to Pakistan on PIA website, the one-way ticket is relatively expensive at this COVID-19 times but, there are no other direct flights back to Pakistan available anyway.


My personal advice, I would advise you not to book any air tickets from sky-scanner or any other third party travel-agency. Firstly, try not to travel anywhere nowadays, but, if you really have to get somewhere then please book your flights tickets straight away from the airline webpage.

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