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China vs Pakistan – Difference of National Attitude amid COVID-19



A total of 20 million people have been tested for corona in the past month in Wuhan, China, but none of them tested positive. Assess China’s capabilities as a country and nation, which in such a short period of time has easily persuaded and completed the test of millions of citizens. The second is to provide the necessary resources and equipment for such a large-scale test, and the third is to succeed in controlling the coronavirus in the largely populated city of Wuhan.

If we had to do such an exercise, we would face many difficulties. First, there will be a lack of equipment and resources and then our people may not cooperate in conducting such tests. Because they will not be able to prove themselves as citizens who trust government measures and fulfill their responsibilities like the Chinese people. We have not yet developed such a culture. Pakistan and China gained independence at the same time, but the comparison between the two is so far that China is now closer to becoming a full-fledged global power.

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Looking at the state of our country, we are surrounded by economic, political, and social problems on all sides. Whether it is the falling value of the rupee, the burden of external debt, or the ever-rising inflation. Our economic situation is not improving. Politically, the country does not seem to be stabilizing. The country is ruled by the Mafia. The flour crisis does not go away as sugar disappears from the market. Falling oil prices in the world market had made oil cheaper here, so petrol pump owners stopped selling it at low prices, and the people were facing another problem. Under the pressure of the mafia, the government had to increase the price of petroleum products.

Can such a stockpile be imagined in a country like China? While our country is practically ruled by these mafias. Certainly, these are the mafias that have the collaboration with the political parties and they are a ‘must’ in every government. As a result, no government is able to pursue its policy independently. Until these mafias are eradicated, Pakistan’s dream of economic development will remain unfulfilled.

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China’s recent advances in technology and innovation are due not only to the continuity of its government policies but also to the fact that, as a nation, it has fully supported its government in establishing a system. The news in the media a few months ago surprised us all that China set a world record for the fastest construction by building a hospital for coronavirus patients in just 7 days. With the help of 1,500 workers, a railway station was completed in just 9 hours. A Chinese construction firm completed the 57-story building in just 19 days. There are many more such astonishing facts that distinguish China as a nation from the rest of the world. While we are caught up in corruption, bribery, embezzlement, grand selling, theft, murder, and fighting

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From a social point of view, our society cannot be counted among the civilized societies in any way. When it comes to discipline and the rule of law, we look deep. In the current Corona epidemic, our people are not ready to obey any government orders. The public is determined not to comply with the lockdown ban, whether it is wearing masks or social distance instructions or keeping businesses closed. Moreover, the constant publicity of false home remedies and manuscripts on social media, instead of authentic information and instructions by the government, is affecting not only the less educated but also the educated class with this devastating epidemic but also declaring a conspiracy and propaganda against Corona. The result of all these anomalies is an increase in deaths and a further spread of Corona, which in no way can be the hallmark of a civilized and progressive society.

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Politically, although China has faced considerable international criticism, it has paid little attention to it and has consistently focused on the development of its country and the welfare of its people. On the other hand, if we assess the political situation of our country, there is no such example in the current situation. The first condition for the development of the country is the complete independence of our institutions and the real political consciousness of the people. China has made progress in just a few decades since it chose the right and clear political structure for itself and promoted transparency in its institutions and business transactions.

With these facts in mind, can we expect sudden national development and a prosperous nation without changing ourselves? Can we gain respect in the international community while sitting idle like this? Will not our internal political, social, and economic problems continue to increase our external conflicts and problems?

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Certainly, China and other developed countries are the best examples for us. China has recently taken the world by surprise with its discipline, rule of law and technological advancement. With such discipline, the rule of law, and the formation of a civilized society, we too can emerge on the global horizon.

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