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Beautiful Actress Mehwish Hayat Shares Allama Iqbal’s poem with Sizzling Picture

Khalid Talat

Famous actress Mahwish Hayat, who is currently in isolation due to the Corona, has entertained her fans by posting Allama Iqbal’s poem on her Instagram. Due to the quarantine, she keeps her followers amuse by sharing sizzling pictures and videos.

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‎‫ہر شیشہ ٹوٹ جاتا ہے پتھر ک چوٹ سے‬ ‎‫پتھر ہی ٹوٹ جاۓ ، وہ شیشہ تلاش کر ۔۔‬ ——————— ‎‫ ‎ہر شخص جل رہا ہے عداوت کی آگ میں‬ ‎‫اُس آگ کو بجھادے، وہ پانی تلاش کر ۔۔‬ ——————— ‎سجدوں سے تیرے کیا ہوا صدیاں گذر گئیں‬ ‎‫دنیا تری بدل دے ، وہ سجدہ تلاش کر ! ——————— ‬ 🌺 @faizasaqlain @ashnakhanofficial #MehwishHayat

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Mehwish has always been a big fan of poetry, and from time to time, she shares awesome pieces of verses and poems on her social media.

Mehwish Hayat is one of those celebrities who has been using social media to create awareness about Covid-19, among the public. She also posted a video to raise voice for the medical staff who are busy combating the Coronavirus.

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