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Assistant Education Officer is Selling Fruits on Street to Earn “Halal Income”



asst government education officer halal income

There are people in society who are looking for righteous ways to earn money. Halal earning does not make a person feel ashamed or diminished. On the contrary, halal earners are always happy. The reason for that is a satisfied conscience. An Education Officer is proving this by example.

Among such halal earners, there is an education officer, whose image is going viral on social media. According to the reports, the person in the picture is an Assistant Education Officer who works in the government education department. But after his duty ends, he sells fruits on the streets to earn extra for his family.

Instead of taking bribes, this government officer chooses the way of hardship to earn halal food for his family. He said that I am very happy with my life. The path I choose has brought happiness and satisfaction in my life.

He further said that nowadays people are running after money and have forgotten the distinction between halal and haraam. People do not think that the haraam earnings we earn will one day be the source of our destruction.

“My family and I are happy that whatever I earn, no matter how little, is halal,” said the Education Officer. “I don’t want me and my family to commit to illegal earning”, he added. “We don’t want to be embarrassed before Allah”

Looting and dishonesty are rampant everywhere in Pakistan, therefore It is commendable to have such a good and honest person outs there.

Social media users have expressed good wishes for this man and said that such a person should be appointed to a higher position. If such people are the heads of our institutions, then surely a good change can take place in society.


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