تاریخMay 29, 2020

Age is just a number – Scientists have come up with a way to stay young forever

Khalid Talat

Have you ever thought that you are getting aged very fast and, your body is getting older than you are? We see such people in our daily life, who look young despite their old age. There are also a few actresses whose ages are more than 50, but still, look young and dashing. Scientists have been working to identify the real reasons for this dilemma.

The research was conducted at the University of California, in which scientists have selected 4 thousand people above the age of 50. DNA tests were conducted of all the participants, which revealed astonishing results. These tests were conducted to find the real biological ages of the participants. According to the results, a 66 years old man’s real biological age was 114, while, another participant whose age was 59, was 23 years old, biologically.

The scientists further went in-depth to study the causes behind this age difference. After various tests and interviews, they concluded that the main cause of the age difference is LifeStyle.

Life problems, mental and physical stress, unhealthy diet, and smoking are the core reasons for an early old age. If you want to stay forever young, improve your lifestyle. Regular exercise, healthy food, less stress, can lead to a long and young life.

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