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Action Against the Deputy Commissioner taking Personal Work from the Police



DIG Larkana Irfan Baloch took notice on the matter of Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur Naveed Larak taking personal work from a policeman in charge of his security. DIG Immediately issued orders to withdraw police security from Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur, after which security was withdrawn.

A picture went viral on social media showing a policeman standing with an umbrella and trying to save the deputy commissioner from the rain, while the policeman and others did not have an umbrella.

DIG Irfan Baloch said that police are for security and not for personal purposes. This has lowered the morale of the police and such behavior will not be tolerated in the future.

It may be recalled that social media heavily criticized the actions of Deputy Commissioner and asked, “Does the Deputy Commissioner consider the police as his personal employee?” Avoiding the rain is as important for the Deputy Commissioner as it is for the people standing with him. Social media users said that if the Deputy Commissioner has to do this, he should ask his domestic servant to do it, not consider the police as his domestic servant.

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