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25+ Best Sources To Prepare MCQs For Competitive Exams

Khalid Talat

Multiple choice questions (MCQs) have become a compulsory part of examinations. Most of the state and university exams conducted in the form of MCQs. The majority of the students don’t have the sources through which they can prepare MCQs.

Today we are gonna tell you about all the sources, through which, you can prepare your MCQs exponentially. You will find thousads of MCQs of each subject from the below-mentioned links.

Websites for Online Practice:

  1. Pak MCQs: Click Here
  2. MCQs pk: Click Here
  3. Ezgo learning: Click Here
  4. Go Test: Click Here
  5. Geek Mcqs: Click Here
  6. MCQs Prep: Click Here
  7. CSS Times: Click Here

Websites to Download MCQs:

  1. All compulsory and optional Subjects: Click Here
  2. Theprodesi (google drive): Click Here
  3. The CSS Point: Click Here

Mobile Apps (Android):

  1. CSS MCQs Notes: Click Here
  2. Pak Studies MCQs: Click Here
  3. Pak MCQs: Click Here
  4. Pak Tests MCQs: Click Here
  5. PPSC PCS MCQs: Click Here
  6. PPSC, FPSC test preparation: Click Here
  7. PPSC Test Preparation: Click Here
  8. Only MCQs: Click Here
  9. CSS Solved MCQs: Click Here

Youtube Channels to Prepare MCQs:

  1. Pak MCQs Official: Click Here
  2. Cexams: Click Here
  3. Past Papers MCQs: Click Here
  4. NTS Test Master: Click Here
  5. FPSC Academy Official: Click Here
  6. GK Quiz: Click Here
  7. Prep Pro Q & A: Click Here

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