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16-years-old Juice Seller From Multan Topped in Matric



It is said that if a person has the dedication and courage to do something, he can make the impossible possible. A similar example has been set by a brave boy from Multan, who has set an example by working as well as topped in the exams.

Huzaifa, a 16-year-old from Multan, has set an example for all young people, setting an example in the field of education by scoring 1,050 out of 1,100 in her matriculation exams last year.

Huzaifa told his story to a news agency correspondent that “after my father’s death, I started working alone to support my family. While I also had a passion for reading, I did not give up my passion and with full dedication, I worked hard day and night to run the house.

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“I want to be a doctor, but lack of resources is hindering my dream, but if someone helps me, I can fulfill that dream,” Huzaifa said.

On the other hand, the CEO of Education has assured to bear the cost of education of 16-year-old Huzaifa considering his hard work, enthusiasm, and ability.

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Provincial Management Services (PMS) Examination Date Finalized



According to reliable resources, Provincial Management Service (PMS) examination 2020 is going to be commenced from the 24th of August 2020.

The PMS exams are usually conducted in the months of June-July, but because of COVID-19 the examination date was extended.

According to the reports, PPSC is currently making arrangements for the confirmation of examination centers so that exams can be completed before the 15th of September 2020.

According to the sources, PPSC will make the official announcement in the next coming days.

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Punjab Govt Decided to Open Educational Institutions Under these Strict SOPs



The Ministry of Education has prepared strict and foolproof Corona related SOPs for opening private and government educational institutions across Punjab. After long meetings and discussions, the government approved the SOPs to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and also to continue the functioning of the education system.

Under the new SOP, no assembly will be held in any school when the school opens, and no breaks will be given to the students. It is mandatory to disinfect all classrooms, staff rooms, and washrooms early in the morning.

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Under SOPs, only two students will be allowed to sit at one desk instead of 3. Students and teachers will not be allowed to give each other pens, pencils, paper rubber, or food. Students and teachers will not be allowed to shake hands.

Under these SOPs, only 3 subjects will be taught in the class – Mathematics, English, Science. Only the homework of the remaining subjects will be given to the students. Only 20 children will be allowed to sit in a class. If there are more students, there will be two shifts in the morning and evening.

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Top Reasons for Failure in CSS Examination



If you have done a BA or BSc and also good at studying, then you must take the CSS exam. This is not just like any other exam but among the toughest exams in Pakistan. All that is needed is hard work and dedication. If we let go of the fear of failure, success will follow in our footsteps. Here we will tell you what are the major reasons for failing in CSS?

1. Pressure:

Some people come to do CSS with a professional degree, such as doctors, engineers, and highly educated personnel, etc. The chances of success in their CSS are high. Because their brains are sharp and capable of storing things quickly, these people are accustomed to hard work and their best hobby is to study, so they have a better chance of success, but a very small number of them appear in CSS exams. Because they worry about making a career after a degree, and the small number that comes for CSS often succeed.

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While a large number of people with general degrees like BA and B.Com come to do CSS. They do not have much interest in reading and look for shortcuts and when they have to study hard for CSS, they often fail to meet the requirements. These are the people who appear the most in CSS examinations, and because of them, it became a popular notion that a large number of aspirants fail in CSS.

People who pass CSS are also one of us, but they have a little more passion for hard work and dedication than us. If we bring that passion inside us, then surely success in CSS is not difficult. If you have passed BA or BSc with good marks, then you must take the CSS exam. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, you will have the motivation to succeed which will bring you closer to the destination.

2. Overconfidence:

If you are a normal student in Matric, FA, FSC, or BA, BSc, but your general knowledge is not good and you want to do something big in the world, please do not come to CSS. Most of the aspirants fail due to overconfidence in their abilities. It has been seen in the statistics that aspirants do not study as much as required by the CSS standard but they think that they will be able to crack the exam by the little knowledge they have, and this is why they get beat down.

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To compete in CSS you need to study for at least seventeen to eighteen hours a day, and if you don’t have this kind of stamina don’t waste your time and instead, you have to be associated with other sections of the society. Watching movies, dramas, sports programs, talk shows and participate in activities you are good at will be beneficial to you.

3. Study Material:

It has been observed that students mostly rely on helping books from different publishers in the market. Most of these materials are totally rubish and out of date, and it is just to confuse students and profit-making for the publishers. Students should prepare from the recommended books and also read the latest research articles on the given topics.

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Reading books, research articles, latest news, online editorials, and opinions will be sufficient to crack the CSS exams. Instead of cramming about world affairs, aspirants should understand and grasp the knowledge and try to link it with different situations. Aspirants, who can write their own analysis & opinions with facts and figures have high chances of clearing CSS exams.

4. Language:

It was officially acknowledged that English has become the biggest problem for CSS examinees. According to the recently released report of the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan, the biggest problem for the candidates in the CSS exam is the ‘English’ language. The report also termed the performance of the candidates in the Islamic studies paper as unsatisfactory.

This report has been issued on the failure of the majority of the candidates in the competitive examination. Essential subjects for the CSS exam include essay writing on an important topic, proficiency in English, current affairs, and Islamic studies.

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After the failure of more than 90% of the candidates, the CSS papers were analyzed for the first time in Pakistan, which showed that most of the candidates appearing for the CSS exams have very poor English, especially grammar, due to which they are unable to answer questions appropriately. Most candidates are not able to write a paragraph with mistakes, nor are they able to analyze any topic comprehensively.

5. Subject Selection:

At last, the most important part of the CSS and also a confusing thing for aspirants is to choose optional subjects. Most of the CSS aspirants choose the wrong subjects which results in their failure.

If you can write Urdu on Facebook or copy poems from websites, then don’t think that Urdu is an easy subject for you. You have to have a good knowledge of whatever subject you have to choose. Go for subjects that are interesting and you have good taste in those subjects.

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Start reading the recommended books on the related subject. Choose only one or two highly recommended books. No matter how much knowledge you have in these subjects, make sure you read comprehensively about it.

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