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10 Reasons Why Users Are Shifting From Whatsapp To Telegram

Khalid Talat

From the past decade, Social Media has dominated most of our lives. It is the platform that has provided the facility to communicate with the whole world. It has converted our globe into a village in which we can contact anyone in a few seconds. Social media has created a stage in which we have access to worldwide knowledge. Due to the effectiveness of Social Media,  people become needless of tv and newspapers. There are many Social Media platforms to enhance our interconnectivity with the world.

Whatsapp is the world’s top social media platform with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. There are also few other apps like Whatsapp but none of them are as good as Whatsapp.

Today I am gonna tell you about another social media application, known as “Telegram”, which is gaining popularity worldwide. Telegram is developed by two Russian brothers in 2012 as a messaging app. In the beginning, Telegram got no popularity due to the dominance of Whatsapp, but in the past few months, it has started growing exponentially, and that is due to the extraordinary best features provided by the Telegram. Let’s see the unique features of Telegram

1.Bigger Groups:

Whatsapp and Telegram both are providing the facility of group creation but in Whatsapp, the maximum number of users in a group cannot exceed 257, whereas, in Telegram, 200000 can be added in a single group. Due to this extraordinary feature, many companies are shifting towards Telegram to be regularly in contact with their employees. Not only companies but many high profile celebrities are also using this platform to be in touch with their followers. Many news agencies and websites created their groups in Telegram to be in direct contact with their audience.

2. Irrelevant Messages:

Another amazing feature for the group admins as they can delete all the irrelevant messages from the group, sent by other members. This feature is not available in Whatsapp which can be sometimes frustrating for the group admins.

3. Username Facility:

Telegram offers the feature of username creation to its users. Those who want to hide their numbers can create a username, which will work as a substitute for the mobile number.

4. Work on Various Devices:

Telegram users can open their accounts on various devices. A single telegram account can work on laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. Unlike Whatsapp, in which the user has to delete the account from the one device in order to open in another one.

5. Pin Important Announcement:

Telegram provides the facility for its users to pin their important messages on top of the chatbox. This facility is very important for group admins so that the important messages will be seen by all the members. Whatsapp doesn’t provide this facility and all the important messages get lost in the chat.

6. Send Attachments:

Whatsapp provides the facility to send pictures, videos, documents, etc, but Telegram moves one step further by allowing its users to send zip and apk files.

7. Create Gif/stickers:

Telegram has a wide variety of gifs and stickers and also provides its users with an amazing function in which they can create their own gifs.

8. Hide Online Status:

In Whatsapp, a user can hide its online status from everyone, but in Telegram, a user has the option to hide its online status from selected people.

9. Public Channels:

Telegram offers public channels for its users which they can search and join.

10. Schedule Messages: 

Telegram provides the facility of “schedule message” in which a user can set the date and time for the message to deliver

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