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10 Pakistani Celebrities who Refused or Couldn’t Work in Bollywood



Before the restrictions on Pakistani celebrities, a large number of artists, musicians, comedians, actors worked in Bollywood movies. They contributed a lot to the betterment of the Bollywood industry. There is also a long list of those celebrities who were offered high budget movies in Bollywood, but they refused to work or couldn’t take the offer. Here is a list of those Pakistani celebrities who either refused voluntarily or couldn’t proceed due to inevitable reasons.

Shehnaz Sheikh:

Shehnaz Sheikh is among the most loved actresses of Pakistan. She got many offers from Bollywood after her hit dramas like Ankahi and Tanhaiyaan, but she refused all the offers. There were also rumors in the industry that Amitabh Bachan wanted to work with Sehnaz. Legendary actor and director Raj Kapoor also liked Shehnaz and wanted to work with her. Shehnaz Sheikh rejected all the offers saying that she was no longer interested in acting.










Arifa Siddique:

Famous writer Javed Akhtar revealed that Amitabh Bachpan recommended Arifa Siddique for a leading role in his movie. Arifa Siddique was a TV actress who was famous for her innocent looks on the screen. Due to the dictatorship of Zia-ul-Haq, traveling between Pakistan and India was restricted, and that’s why she couldn’t be a part of that movie.








Shaan Shahid:

The superstar of the Pakistani entertainment industry Shaan Shahid got offers almost seven times from the Bollywood. Shaan turned down all the proposals due to the missing of the leading role in those offers. The most notable offer was the role of a villain in the Blockbuster movie Ghajini. According to the sources, Aamir Khan contacted Shaan several times, but he refused to work. Shaan revealed that the offers by Bollywood were not of his stature.











Mehvish Hayat:

Most famous and supergirl of Pakistan film industry Mehwish Hayat was also got an offer from Bollywood in 2014 for a Punjabi movie Jatt James Bond, which she refused due to its low quality. Afterward, she rejected all the offers from Bollywood as she said I’d rather speak the truth and not get cast in their movies. She highlighted that Pakistani’s are portrayed negatively in Bollywood movies, and that’s the reason she doesn’t want to work in Bollywood.










Ayeza Khan:

The current sensation of Pakistan film industry Ayeza Khan got offers from famous Bollywood directors Sanjay Lila Bhansali and Imtiaz Ali. She rejected all the offers because she wants to continue working in the Pakistan film industry.










Hamza Ali Abbasi:

Famous actor Hamza Ali Abbasi got the lead offer for a high budget movie Baby, which he turned down due to its controversial storyline. The film had anti-Pakistani elements and portrayed a negative image of Pakistan. After the rejection from Hamza Ali Abbasi, Akshay Kumar played the leading role in the movie.











Fahad Mustafa:

Super talented Fahad Mustafa was offered a leading role in a movie by the prominent director Mahesh Bhatt. He turned down the offer due to some unavoidable situations.















Sanam Jung:

The super talented actress, VJ, host, and model Sanam Jung rejected Bollywood offers because of the bold scenes in the movies. She says that she will never be a part of any movie which has bold or nude scenes.









Faisal Qureshi:

Popular actor and TV host Faisal Qureshi got three times lead role offers from Bollywood, which he turned down due to some inevitable situations.










Maya Ali:

Super gorgeous actress Maya Ali revealed in an interview that she got a lead offer in a film with Akshay Kumar. She went to India for the audition, but due to some unfavorable circumstances, she turned down the offer.

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Celebrities & Glamour

Actress Iffat Omar’s advice to Bilawal Bhutto and Maryam Nawaz



Due to rising inflation and crises in the country, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has started to be criticized by political circles as well as showbiz stars.  In such a situation, actress and host Iffat Omar gave strong advice to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz to take over the running of the country.

Iffat Omar tweeted on social networking site Twitter. She tagged PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and former prime minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz, suggesting that the two come together to take on government responsibilities.

I think it’s time @ppp and @pmln join forces and take back govt. Ppp can make the policy and pml n implement it…take your Forte’s and work together people… @MaryamNSharif @BBhuttoZardari

It may be recalled that before Iffat Omar, actor Fahad Mustafa had also questioned Prime Minister Imran Khan. He tweeted about the sudden increase in prices of petrol by Rs. 25

@ImranKhanPTI Sir i know running a country is not an easy Job but what happened to (Yeh Koi Rocket Science Nahi) you kept telling us that when you were in the opposition. Plz tell me if i made the right decision voting you ?

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Celebrities & Glamour

Sarah Khan Revealed the Reason for Not Working in Movies



Sarah Khan, the most beautiful actress in Pakistan’s drama industry, broke her silence and explained the reason for not working in films. Sara Khan said that there is only one reason for me not to work in films and that is not to wear short clothes.

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Actress Sarah Khan explained the reason for not working in films to a question asked in a private TV show. The actress was asked why she has not acted in films till now after gaining so much popularity in dramas. To which Sara Khan said that I have set some rules regarding work, and that don’t break and will never break.

“After the popularity of dramas, I got offers to work in films many times, but I turned them down because I can’t record immoral scenes in films,” she said. “Nor can I wear shorts, which is one of the rules I set.”

It should be noted that actress Sarah Khan is one of the actresses in the drama industry of Pakistan who are included in the list of those who stay away from controversies in the industry.

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The most successful dramas that Sara Khan has acted in so far include Deewar Shab, Mere Bewafa, Tumhare Hain, Tum Mere Ho, Ustani Ji, Mere Hamdam, and others.

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Celebrities & Glamour

Wearing Full Dress will bring you Honor in Pakistan’s Society, Actress Mahira Khan



Pakistan’s famous and world-famous actress Mahira Khan used to believe that you get respect in Pakistan when your clothes are complete. This was said by Mahira Khan in an old interview, the video of which is now going viral on social media. In this interview with Reham, Mahira Khan talks about the values ​​of Pakistani society.

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پاکستان واحد ملک ہے جہاں آپ جتنے زیادہ کپڑے پہنیں گے وہاں آپ کو اتنی زیادہ عزت ملے گی۔ پاکستان میں آپ کو عزت حاصل کرنے کے لیے آئٹم نمبر کرنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے۔ ماہرہ خان کی خوبصورت باتیں💖💝 Pakistan is the only country where the more clothes you wear, the more respect you will get. You don't need to do item songs to get respect in Pakistan, said by #MahiraKhan. Are you agree? @mahirahkhan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #esrabilgiç #ErtugrulPTVUrdu #ptvhome #ptv #ertuğrul #ertugrul #ertuğrulgazi #ErtugrulInUrdu #bhaeehazirhai #AyezaKhan #mehwishhayat #fahadmustafa #ahmadshah #aimankhan #naimalkhawarkhan #naimalhamza #piyararamzan #jeetopakistanleague #ertugrulhalime #minalkhan #ertugrulpakistani #FerozeKhan #haniaaamir #hiramani #bolentertainment #psl #ayezakhanak #sajalaly

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Regarding the item number and wearing short dresses, Mahira Khan said in the interview that she is very lucky to be a Pakistani actress as it is the only country where the more clothes you wear, the more respect you will get.

She said that you don’t need to do item numbers to get honor in Pakistan because you get honor when you are in full dress and you will get praise and prestige from all around. It may be a double standard, but it is true.

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